A commercial fryer is an important asset to your kitchen and there is probably no better way to make fried foods that will keep your customers returning for more and more, than with a commercial deep fryer. These fryers are used in commercial kitchens to cook several different foods fast and to give these foods a crisp finish. These units make frying easy, because when it comes time to remove the foods from the cooking oil, all the operator has to do is lift up the basket, this practice allows the restaurant to have more oil to be reused, as less of it is wasted during the food removal process.

These restaurant fryers have a strong construction to handle the heavy wear and tear that comes with heavy restaurant use and they have a built in filter system that filters the oil to allow the commercial kitchen to reuse it over and over again. Other benefits of the fryer are that it has temperature controls that are extremely accurate, so that you can produce a consistent quality of food and with more accurate cooking times. Some come with cooking alarms and timers, that can automatically lower and raise the basket and a ventilation system that will help to reduce any odors that are caused during the frying process.

What are some different types of fryers?

Tube-type – These are more expensive than open-pot style fryers, but with similar versatility. They are ideal for the heavy frying of onion rings, fried fish and fried chicken.

Open-pot – These are more affordable and will meet most of the lighter frying needs of your food establishment. The downside is they are not easy to clean, but is ideal for cooking foods such as wings, cheese sticks and fries.

Flat-bottom – This fryer is ideal for foods that float to the top of the oil during the frying process such as tempura, taco shells and chips. This unit is also hard to clean because it does not have a sediment zone.

Are fryers operated by electricity or gas?

You can find both, the advantage of getting an electric fryer is that it can heat the oil a lot quicker, since there is no gas line you can move them around if you need to and the recovery period in between frying cycles are a lot less than gas fryers. Gas commercial fryers can reach higher temperatures.

Make sure that you get professional commercial fryer repair service

  • An untrained technician could void your manufacturer’s warranty by not knowing what to do and using low quality replacement parts.
  • It is recommended that you use a top commercial fryer repairman so that your kitchen can meet the code requirements of the state and local governments.
  • Doing regular maintenance on your fryer will help you to reduce commercial fryer repairs, it will use less energy, it will operate more efficiently and commercial fryer service will increase the life span.
  • Routine commercial fryer service will help prevent fire risk that is associated with fryers, as well as to prevent mechanical problems.

Common commercial fryer repair problems

The pilot light is not staying on – in some cases the fryer will not work, but the pilot light is on, in this case you would have a faulty thermostat. If the pilot light does not stay on then you either have a faulty thermopile or a bad hi-limit.

The thermostat is not turning off – Check the hi-limit to see if it needs resetting, if it didn’t trip then you might need a new thermostat. Due to the safety risk of changing a thermostat, you should call a commercial fryer repairman.

The fryer is not heating up – In this case you more than likely have a faulty heating element or a bad thermostat.

Here is a list of some of the most common commercial deep fryer replacement parts that we install and replace:

  • Lids
  • Filters
  • Gaskets
  • Thermopiles
  • Igniters
  • Safety valves
  • Hi-limits
  • Heating elements
  • Thermostats


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