Commercial pizza tables are a specialized type of food preparation table that restaurants and other types of food service establishments use to increase the productivity and efficiency of their commercial kitchen. This type of unit allows this as you have all the ingredients that you need for food preparation close by and all the ingredients are kept fresh due to the refrigeration feature of the pizza table. These were first developed for use in pizza parlors; it has a cutting board that is very wide, it’s made of stainless steel and rails that prevent ingredients from mixing together, but nowadays you can find them in just about any type of restaurant.

The top of the table is used for assembly and food preparation and below the surface is a refrigerated cabinet that is used for storage and refrigeration of extra ingredients. These tables are also popular for making sandwiches, preparing salads and for the storage of cold salads.

The different types of commercial pizza tables

Conductive or wrapped cooling systems – this type of unit has copper lines that are wrapped around the opening or tank which creates a conductive cooling system that is able to transfer the cold air within the walls of the table.

Forced air tables – By using a coil this table can cool the rail zone and base of the table. This type of table is best used in areas that have low humidity and heat.

Configuration table – This is a customizable pizza table as you can choose several different configurations which include drawers, doors or a combination, it just all depends on how you like to store your ingredients.

Commercial pizza table repair problems

The temperature is too cold – the first thing you should do is to check your thermostat to see what it is set on and then if it needs resetting, then reset it. If the thermostat is ok, then you may have too many things in the cabinet, which is preventing the compressor from circulating the air properly. So either remove some items or rearrange them so they do not block the compressor circulation.

The compressor is not working – make sure you have power going to the equipment and that it is plugged in or that a fuse has not been blown or tripped. If that didn’t fix the problem, then you should check the setting on the thermostat to see if it is too warm. Allow the unit to defrost if it is in the defrosting stage. Also check to make sure that the air flow around the compressor is not blocked. You may need to replace the compressor if it has overheated.

The temperature is warm – First check the thermostat and then the vents to see if anything is blocking the air from circulating. If you had set the temperature too low the coil could be covered in ice. In some cases it could be that someone left the door open for an extended period of time. Also make sure that the unit has enough room to breathe, so clear other equipment or items that may be too close to it. If none of these recommendations helped, then you may have a condenser coil that is covered with ice and you should call a commercial pizza table repair company to clean it for you.

The door is not closing properly – you may have a bad door gasket that is not creating a seal, the door may not be installed properly on the hinge or the cabinet is not levelled.

Why you need professional commercial pizza table repair service?

  • The manufacturer’s warranty could be voided if not done correctly with the right parts.
  • To avoid fines from the state for health and safety reasons.
  • Regular maintenance will help you to avoid costly emergency commercial pizza table repairs.
  • To prevent foodborne illnesses and bacterial growth that is associated with temperature problems.

Our commercial pizza table repair service includes changing the following:

  • Accessories
  • Drawer gaskets
  • Door gaskets
  • Condenser filters
  • Coils
  • Fans
  • Motors

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