10 Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigerator Door Repair

Let’s face it, if your commercial refrigerator door is not working, you are going to have a whole lot of problems, from inventory spoiling to your electric bill skyrocketing.  Many restaurants and food service establishments waste hundreds of dollars each year because of doors that do not seal or close properly.  This could also lead to a few thousand dollars in food spoilage and an increase in refrigerator repairs, as all the components will have to work harder to try and maintain the temperature inside the unit.  So once you notice that your door is not closing properly, you need to get that taken care of quickly, as it can cost you a lot more the longer you take to get it repaired.

Here are some common problems that will tell you that you need some type of door repair:

  • The evaporator coils have excess ice on it.
  • The freezer door has ice around it.
  • You notice there is a lot of extra frost buildup inside your freezer.
  • You start to notice that your refrigerator has water droplets inside of it.
  • You start to see that the door is sweating or leaking.
  • Your refrigerator does not stop running.
  • The refrigerator is hot.
  • The door is not sealed.
  • The door looks warped.
  • The door is not closing like it should.

Like with any commercial appliance, when it breaks down, you should first consider the age of the equipment before you try and repair it.  In order for your fridge to work properly, there are several parts that need to run smoothly and if one is not working as it should, then it could cause stress on other parts, which could cause those to malfunction as well.  Most people don’t know this, but if the compressor on your unit is constantly running it could actually produce the same amount of heat as your commercial oven and this could also cause your food to spoil sooner than they normally would.  So if your equipment is old and you are starting to see problem after problem with it, whereas you fix one thing, then another breaks and then another, then it may be time to replace the unit.

So you may be wondering, what’s considered OLD, when it comes to commercial refrigerators?

Well, most technicians will agree, somewhere around 15 years is probably when you will want to replace your refrigerator is it starts to become problematic. Not only will it be inefficient, but the older the equipment, the harder it will be to find parts for it and because of this scarcity, the parts will be more expensive as well. If you are going to buy a new one, try and find an Energy Star refrigerator, you will typically receive about a one and a half year payback and you will get up to 35% in energy savings.

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