Do You Know The Different Types Of Commercial Ice Machines?

In this article we will discuss the different types of ice machines, the applications they are best used for and establishments that they will service best, this is important to know not just for buying a new ice maker, but also when they malfunction, as it is best to find a technician that specializes in doing commercial ice machine repair for your specific type of ice maker.

Full Cube Ice – this type of equipment is used most commonly in bars and restaurants to make cocktails, ice companies that service grocery stores and gas stations use this type of machine to make bagged ice, hotels use this type of equipment as the self-service ice option for their guest and it is very popular for restaurants that have salad bars. You can find them as under counter, standalone or combination ice machine and bin units.

Half Dice Ice – the benefits of this particular unit are its unique shape, you can put a lot more into a glass so you use less liquid. So your profits will typically increase as you are using a lot less beverages and more ice. And because this ice blends easily, they are a great choice for smoothies and iced coffee.

Flake Ice – This is the type of ice is what you normally see used in displays, such as in the seafood section of your local grocery store and also in salad bars. Since you can pack the ice tightly together, it can provide excellent cooling results.

Nugget Ice – Customers that like to chew on ice will love this one, as it is chewable and soft, other names for this particular type of ice include sonic, pearl ice, pellet ice and chewable ice. The benefits of this particular ice include:

  • Excellent for displacing liquid to increase beverage profits
  • Cools quickly
  • Blends easily, so works great for blended smoothies and cocktails.

If you are running a healthcare facility, this is the machine you want, as it produces ice that will be easy for your patients to chew.

Then there are specialized types of ice makers which are mainly found as under the counter units and behind bars.

  • Gourmet Ice
  • Crescent Ice
  • Octagonal Ice

Now that you have a better understanding of all the different types of commercial ice machines and the types of ice that they each produce, this will help when communicating with the local commercial appliance service company or the parts dealer. At ABE Mechanical we have experienced technicians that have fixed all these different ice makers and we provide regular maintenance contracts to keep them running like new for longer.

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